Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Super Etsians!!!

Today I happened to look at Treasury West on today, and the number of lists was at 224. For those of you who have haunted the Treasury and Treasury West in hopes of creating your own list, you will know the thrill that goes up your spine when you realize it Just Might Happen! And yes, about 11 minutes later the little magic box popped up asking me the name of my treasury! I had my Favorites all ready in another Window, so all I had to do was type in my title and then put my chosen item #'s in. What could my treasury be about? You may ask...
Well, in a previous post I think I mentioned my kids' addiction to watching Lois and Clark on DVD. I shall now add that all of us in our family have been addicted to Smallville also, since it first started. All things Superman are a preferred topic at any given time! Except the recent Superman:Doomsday, which we found problems with on many levels....but I digress!
Without further is a link to my very first Etsy treasury, "Somebody Save Me!" Stop by and drop me a line (I did include other Superheroes too!)


Anonymous said...

Dawny likey!

brightonEarly said...

Congrats on the treasury!!

I can never figure out how to get to treasury west... :(

MegzyTred said...

It was a Super list for sure! :)
It was lots of fun to have our first treasuries at the same time!
Yours so Rocked!!