Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm getting the hang of the photo thing!

I mostly cleaned house today, but I did so well that I rewarded myself with some long overdue photo-shoots of my potpourris. When I started my shop in February, I took all my photos in front of a dark green curtain that I had been using for photographing my ebay items. I got lots of compliments, and liked them really well, but I finally decided to try the all white background which is more Etsy-ish! :) As a result, I updated a couple of currently listed small ones, and re-listed Victorian Bride ( and Healing Lavender ( I had been using extremely antiquated photos of both, so now they are fresh and lovely, to match their scent!
Now if only Etsy could invent a scratch-and-sniff feature!!!!
Until then, check out my Sampler Pack...three scents of your choice in any color sachets for just $2.00 each!! You can even choose bath tea!

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MegzyTred said...

Your photographs look great! I just saw them on the flickr site, wow!! Excellent color and shimmer and everything! I love it!