Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Add A Little Sparkle!

About 2 years ago my Etsy sista Megzy had a great idea for a craft fair project to add to our then-planned booth...artistic jewelery keychains! We had a great time creating them and so did several of our friends who just had to get in on the fun! The keychains did very well when combined with my potpourri sachets, so I have continued to offer them here and there in various places I have sold potpourri. I enjoy making jewelery, but I don't have great confidence in my abilities beyond keychains, or possibly a quirky bracelet!

Megzy has several family members who have battled breast cancer, and other cancers. We knew that there were many people out there who have bravely fought this grave disease, or have supported someone who has. So we created some of our lovely keychain charms to honor our family and friends with a small and sparkly show of support (Did I get enough "s's" in there?) Here are two of them: and

Of course, strangely enough, some people like colors other than I am working on posting some more styles soon! I do have a Gorgeous red and gold one with this gift set: (Sorry I haven't updated the photos on that one yet!) And if you have a color scheme you would like to see, let me know and I will see what I can do just for you! :)

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MegzyTred said...

Aw shucks :)
Gorgeous bling all around!
Now show me how to put photographs throughout my posting and not just at the top!