Monday, March 9, 2009

Up and Running on ArtFire!

As promised, I have indeed taken the plunge into the bath products section of our little handmade universe! *plunge, get it? Dorky Bath Humor!! Oh well...* I even upgraded to the Verified Account on ArtFire, which I LOVE!! Not only can you click on the nifty little item boxes on the right side of this page--------------->>> but you can purchase them right here! No login needed! If you do decide to join ArtFire, be sure to give ParadisePotpourri as a referral and help me earn a Free Ride for Life! :) 10 referrals is all it takes! Did I mention the $7.00 for life accounts are almost gone? *end of ArtFire shameless promo! :)

I really am happy with the new products I am offering also! (Well, duh, I wouldn't offer them if I wasn't :p ) My daughter has even made a salt body scrub of her own, it's so much fun! I may have to offer that one for sale's Pink Grapefruit-Lime and smells lovely! But I digress...the coffee scrub has proved to be such a hit, even Megzy's husband uses it...he who scorned any sugar scrub as being "too girly"! If you have a scent you'd like to see me create, please let me is GREATLY appreciated! I really can't say enough about what a difference using handmade soaps and bath products has made in my skin. My husband is won over too!

In non-store related news, Spring Break is here, so I have all the kids 24/7 for the week...fortunately I am already insane so I don't have to worry about that! I will be twittering for therapy if I can kick them off my computer! We started off the week with our cat ignoring her newborn kittens, so we took her prisoner in the kids' bathroom and made them all a cozy box. They are doing much better. Sadly, only 2 of 4 survived. They are very cute though! We will be TwitPic-ing photos later in the week no doubt!