Sunday, July 13, 2008

On Shoes, Closets, and Husbandly Help!

Yesterday my husband went to help his dad with a big project. He came home from Home Depot announcing that he got something for me....shoe racks! I was less than thrilled, to be honest. My shoes already had a rack but really needed to be sorted through, and I hated that idea. However, today after our Bible meeting, he slyly put the new shelves together and began the daunting task of closet organization! It wasn't as bad as I thought, and it is always liberating to move on from things that, lets face it, just don't look good on us anymore!
After that, I guess my dear hubby just felt so good about that little task being finished that he got busy in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher and sweeping the kitchen....I love that man!!!
Sometimes we don't realize that small tasks are piling up on us, and suddenly they all become overwhelming! For myself, I know that I don't always ask for help, or insist that my kids help (most of the little things are their messes anyway!) when I should. I am determined to do better in all of these areas!! Now, on to the bathroom cabinets....UGH!


MegzyTred said...

Can your husband influence my husband by chance? ;)
Actually he "helped" the kids get their room clean and even swept in there, Impressive.

brightonEarly said...

It's just the two of us for now. i can't imagine the complexities that will come will children. EEK!

Wilddaisy said...

I have shoes..will get racks. Please send Andy!

Anonymous said...

Showoffs! Well, my husband remembered to put the toilet seat there!

Janamidala said...

Ok Fawn Looney, I know it's there! By the way, that's no small task getting him to put the seat down, LOL!