Saturday, September 11, 2010

A New Strategy


First of all, thank you to all of you who have followed me even though I haven't posted in forever!! To my new friends, Welcome! This will be a very brief post announcing the soon-to-be-created new Personal Blog that I will be writing. I think part of me is OCD but won't admit it....I want to post about my life, and I want to post about things relating to Paradise Potpourri, but alas! People would be annoyed if they were looking for one but found the other! ;p

To that end, I beseech you to not give up on me, as I am working towards perfection (not to be achieved in this system of things, of course! But that's why I need a separate blog!) just like everyone else. A link to my new blog will be posted here soon, and/or an update! Please do NOT expect a post from either every day...I have realized that I'm just not always that chatty of a person. However, it will be easier to be relatively current if I branch out.



MegzyTred said...

LOL! I love your new strategy... it's ok some of us are chattier then others, and none of us are perfect so you're in good company! :)

Jana said...

Thanks! And of course if anyone sees that a lot of time has passed and I STILL haven't may feel free to leave a note here to give me a nudge! :) said...

Dear Paradise,

Thanks for following me. I should introduce myself but I am nobody of consequence. But, here is what I do.

I work on a non-profit

Im also an (haven't done much for a few years now)

Holistic I sometimes do the art to pay for the nursing as there is little money in holistic nursing. The site is a work in progress.

And I used to teach class on building web based businesses.

If I can be of any help, consider me at your service.

Your Bro,


Nurse Jon