Monday, September 21, 2009

Supplier Review: The Original Soap Dish

Before I get into my review of ingredients in bath products, I wanted to share an experience that I had with my most recent supply order. I don't know about you, but I love getting packages in the mail, especially when I've ordered something new that I've been wanting to try. My latest order, which was my first one from a company called The Original Soap Dish, did not disappoint! As I opened the box, I noticed right away that their packaging material was different. Instead of plastic air bubbles, or foam packing peanuts, there were shreds of recycled cardboard boxes. A note accompanied the order explaining that this is a greener, more renewable alternative to packing peanuts. It also gave suggestions on how the shreds could be further re-used.
Backtracking just a bit, I should mention that The Original Soap Dish is a specialty company that sells soap and lotion making supplies. In their mission statement, they state that they offer natural products for your skin, because what goes ON your body is just as important as what goes IN your body. I couldn't agree more!! They are a family owned business located in rural Indiana Amish country. They strive to source their ingredients from suppliers and manufacturers in the USA, which probably accounts for why many of their prices were a bit lower than the other suppliers I checked out this time around. My budget was stretched, so that was a good thing!

All of the items in my order were accounted for and very nicely packaged. The shea and mango butters were packaged in plastic containers, rather than ziplock bags. Not only does this make them much easier to use, but I can reuse the containers for some of my products that I make up in bulk, which I can't really do with ziplock bags. I also foresee less waste because I will be able to scrape that last bit out of a tub much easier than a bag!
Finally, there were two nice surprises included in my order! One was a generous sample of Pumpkin Spice fragrance oil, which I loved immediately and will probably order in the future. The other was a small's always smart to lure a customer in with chocolate!! As you can see, that one did not last long! My invoice even had a hand written Thank You with my name, further showing their commitment to a personalized, friendly experience for their customers.
I will definitely be shopping with The Original Soap Dish in the future, and you can check them out too at

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